Goolwa - Strathalbyn


I'm experienced in providing dietary advice on a broad variety of health issues

Do you have diabetes?

I can help improve your day to day blood glucose (sugar) control and lower your HbA1C. Your HbA1C is the long-term blood glucose control and is measured at your 3 or 6 monthly blood tests. 

Do you have high cholesterol/heart disease?

I can help you improve your cholesterol control and your heart health. This means helping to improve total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol and triglycerides and reduce the risk of heart attack/stroke.

Are you trying to lose weight?

I can help you reduce weight in a healthy, sensible and sustainable way. There are no fad diets or gimmicks and I don’t sell ‘diet’ pills, potions or shakes.

Do you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome?

Typical symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome are loose bowels (diarrhoea), constipation, gas, wind, bloating and stomach pain. I can help use to identify foods that exacerbate your symptoms using evidence-based techniques. This can result in improved and normalised bowel habits and minimise abdominal discomfort. 

Do you have diverticulitis?

I can help improve and normalise abdominal discomfort and reduce risk of flare ups in the future. 

Do you have anaemia/low iron?

I can help improve your blood biochemistry and symptoms such as feeling as tired or fatigued. 

Are you being treated for cancer?

I can ensure you are meeting your nutritional needs during and after treatment, particularly if you have reduced appetite, taste changes, nausea/vomiting, are losing weight.

Have you lost weight and muscle strength?

If you are not eating well and losing weight, this means muscle loss, reduced strength/balance, higher risk of falls, reduced immune function and poorer wound healing. I can provide nutrition advice to avoid unintentional weight loss, build muscle and improve immune function. This is particularly important for maintaining independence in your own home.

Do you suffer from reflux or heartburn?

I can help you to improve symptoms of heartburn and reflux.

Do you have osteoporosis?

I can help you improve calcium intake and other related nutritional issues to prevent or manage osteoporosis.

Do you experience a food allergy?

I can help you to identify problematic foods, drinks and/or ingredients and help to improve symptoms and give you more confidence to make safe food choices.

Do you suffer from gout?

I can help you to manage uric acid levels and improve symptoms and reduce pain.

Do you have renal/kidney disease?

I can help you choose the best foods and drinks to improve blood biochemistry, in particular potassium and phosphate.